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Hirior Mini Portable Back Clip Charger - Power Bank

Hirior Mini Portable Back Clip Charger - Power Bank

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🔋 Keeps your phone always charged

✈️ Convenience for your travels

⭐ Saves you time & money

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Hirior Premium Quality

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Power Up Anywhere, Anytime!

Stay powered up on the go with the UltraSlim Clip-On Mini Power Bank, your pocket-sized mobile charger. This sleek and compact device easily clips onto your phone or bag, providing an instant charge whenever you need it.

With its high-capacity battery, it ensures your devices stay powered throughout the day, making it ideal for travel, work, and outdoor activities. Designed for convenience, it features a quick-charging capability and universal compatibility with all smartphones.


Key Benefits

✅ Compact and Lightweight

The UltraSlim Clip-On Mini Power Bank is designed to be exceptionally compact and lightweight, making it easy to carry in your pocket or clip onto your bag. Its slim profile ensures it doesn’t add bulk, providing convenient power on the go.

💡 Clip-On Design, Great for Travels

This power bank features a unique clip-on design, allowing you to attach it securely to your phone or other devices. This ensures it stays in place while charging, offering a hassle-free experience without the need for extra cables.

🔋 High Capacity 

With a surprisingly high capacity, this mini power bank can charge your phone multiple times on a single charge. This makes it perfect for long days out, travel, or emergency situations where you need reliable power.

⚡Fast Charging

Despite its small size, the UltraSlim Mini Power Bank delivers fast charging for your devices. It’s equipped with high-speed charging technology, ensuring your phone or tablet gets powered up quickly when you need it most.

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